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LOVE is deep feeling which is between two people, who are ready to give each other love, care, everything which will make them happy! this feeling is huge and mysterious. you may want cry out because of it, you may want to die, beacuse of it, you may be sorry, sad, changed inside etc. this is love, love , which make us live, make us want to live and make us fullfit! love can be various; it may start with hate, then you feel that this feeling is getting warm, deep, massive, great and strong! this is called love. but you know whats our mistake, that we cant make defferences between love and like! to like it means that you have encourage interest, that you are attracted! its alike love, but its really another thing, its weaker one. love cant be changed if its true, if its real, if you really love, then you are ready to die for him/her. if you love this person, then you should know him/her well, then you should know everything about him/her, his/her charector etc. you must know him/her like you know your friend!

ive been in such situations, i thought that it was love that it was real, but i only cheated myself!!! love cant be broken, it cant be changed by something or by someone, of caurse if its real one! love is all we need, love is everything. love love love, if he really loves you then here is not important your age, or such a stupid things!!! if you love and if he loves you too then keep going, let this feeling become bigger,stronger!
These are words of mine, its only my thought, my opinion, and im telling you these words which i taught in past, i wanna thank that person, because i do know those things which i wasnt able to know in past! and my past, trust me, its wet, because of dimon tears, but you know time went , ran fast, and now i feel better, thankful! maybe you think that these are just fuckin' words, maybe it is, but my feelings isnt shit or something else, i really wanna help people and make them see this wicked, strict, disgraceful, sad reality!...

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